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— Mark Anthony McCray (@LiveBIGDieEmpty) August 11, 2014

We’ve all experienced the feeling of coming back from vacation and having so much to say that you’re both excited and 100% sure you’ll forget something. Well, I have a few things I feel like you need to let into your consciousness today. You’ll be better for it. That much I know.

I feel blessed to have come across (via Jay Mohr) this interesting guy named Barry Katz.  I like listening to Mohr’s takes on sports and from time-to-time there’d be a guy in his studio who seemed familiar and friendly with Jay but never frivolous.  He always had something pithy to say and was transparent as hell – which always appeals to me.  Even more important he seemed to be speaking directly to me and saying some things I sorely needed to hear about persistence, making an impact, going for my dreams.  I needed his mix of encouragement, butt-kicking and entertaining stories.  The timing was perfect in my life.

In searching to learn more about him, it turns out he does a nice little podcast.  As always, if it’s made an impact on me, I like to share it.  There are a few interviews in particular that you might want to listen to. I like to try and have something going as I work or drive around during the day. It could work for you, too.  Here are a couple that bubbled to the surface.

Reginald Hudlin, former chief executive of BET, writer, director and producer sat down with Barry to discuss his background, his impressive career beginning with the movie “House Party” all the way to his recent work as Producer on “Django Unchained” and ends this wonderful interview with his best advice for how you can get to the next level in whatever you’ve chosen for your profession.

Dr. Phil is someone I can admit to being very guilty of underestimating.  I’ll also admit that I’ve still never seen his show.  Yet, even without my viewership Dr. Phil McGraw is perhaps the most well-known mental health professional in the world along with being the leading daytime talk show HOST in the country.  As it turns out, he’s quite a character, very funny and has a lot of wisdom to share.  Who knew?!

What I like about Barry is he does a good job of getting accomplished people to share life lessons and business lessons that go beyond whatever their jobs have been in the entertainment field.  So, while it’s interesting to hear Hudlin talk about getting his first big break and making House Party (Who doesn’t remember doing the Kid-n-Play with their own friends?!), listening to his background and escaping East St. Louis probably means more to where you are in life.

With Dr. Phil, I’m ashamed to say I never have know much about him.  I think you’ll enjoy his stories, too, because he’s crazy funny and (as you might imagine) direct – in some ways he’s even more direct in this mostly uncensored setting.  That’s good for you as a listener!

As a little bonus for my entrepreneur friends, David Salzman is another interview you need to check out here:

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