When you think of a #GreatLife, what comes to mind? What do you picture?  Do you think of a person or a certain lifestyle of your dreams?  Does your mind wander towards regrets of things you’ve not (yet) done?  If so, this series of blog posts is just for YOU!  I want to help you get clear on what’s important to you and start moving towards it.  Corny and cheesy, I know.  There are a million of these kinds of articles out there.  But let’s make this one different.  Let’s engage together.  Let’s commit to one another that I won’t write haphazardly and you won’t read haphazardly with each line lightly skimmed and then floating out into the ether of your mind.  Let’s engage one another!

Counting down from #8 to #1 I’m sharing eight timely reminders to YOU for unlocking a better life.  Want better relationships? Better health? A better career and personal finances?  Here you go!  In my next blog posts, I’ll dive a little more deeply into each principle beginning with #8, “Speak Graciously” and I’ll end at the top.  Here’s a preview.  Join my blog and follow my Facebook page to make sure you catch them all along with discussion and notes!


1. Love enthusiastically: Stop holding back. Be courageous! Nothing good comes without risk! Walls may protect, but they also imprison.


2. Forgive fully: Wipe every slate clean.  Clear every account.  Nobody owes you anything and what is done can’t be undone. Let it free and free yourself.


3. Give generously: Your life and everything in it is a seed.  Sow wisely and liberally.  More will come back to you than you could ever surrender!


4. Work diligently: Nobody has ever done anything great sleeping in.  Nothing special has ever been accomplished without enthusiasm.  Whatever your hand finds to do, give it your all!


5. Laugh heartily: You are meant for joy, too.  Have you laughed today?  Don’t take everything so seriously.  This is the only life you have — live it!


6. Pray fervently: In the Bible, the word for fervent has the same meaning as the word “fire!”  Can you honestly say your prayers are burning with passion?  Those are the prayers that get answers!


7. Trust Him completely: “All things…” is something I repeat to myself often.  It is His reminder to us that even those things that do not appear good, will be.  Trust.


8. Speak graciously: Your tongue guides your life.  Your tongue can bring healing or cause destruction.  Be care+full about everything that you utter.  Speak your hopes and never your fears.


…and follow this page.  Over the next several weeks here I will be exploring each of these elements of a truly great life!  Join me!  These are the eight things I believe the Lord has given me to share and teach.  I hope you’ll follow along.  I know you’ll be blessed and changed!

To your prosperity!


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