… at the very least he’s a genius.

If you feel like you need some breakthrough insights for your business, I urge you to listen to Anthony Robbins interview Jay Abraham here and here for Part One and Part Two.  It’s something special.  By the end, you’ll be looking for Parts Three, Four, Five and more!

A lot stands out and I won’t try to re-preach Jay’s sermon, but here is something that stands out from his hour plus on “How to Exponentially Increase Your Business.”  For starters, if someone asked you “How many ways are there to increase your business?” you might list a dozen approaches.  In reality, there are only three ways to increase the revenue side of your business – any business:

  1. Increase your number of clients and/or prospects.  (duuuuhhhh) To do this you must employ more than one way of bringing in clients, e.g., sales teams, outbound sales, inbound sales, direct mail, etc.  Most companies only acquire clients through one avenue but looking at other companies (even in other industries)  can show you some ways to raise the number of prospects.  Risk-reversal is the secret.  You’ve got to lower the customer’s risk of doing business with you.
  2. Increase your unit of sale.  This can be done by increasing your prices, pressing more add-ons and up sells or increasing the size of your product bundle so people pay more and also get more value.  While you’re working to increase your customer base, also work to increase how much each customer spends with you.
  3. Increase the residual value of each client and/or their frequency of purchase.  More referrals.  More back-end sales.  Sales of warranties.  This can be done by reducing attrition, too, by the way.  The idea here is to deepen the relationship with your customers and involve them in capturing more business for you.
Do any one of the three and you will grow your business geometrically – imagine being just 10% more effective in each area.  If you can do all three of these at the same time even a little bit and your business grows exponentially (10% + 10% + 10% is typically more than a 30% revenue increase) and keeps growing!  And that’s your goal!Go back and listen to Jay’s insights.  I guarantee you’ll get something you can put to work for you.

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