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Never heard of  Let’s get to the basic legal business description first: is a global online marketplace offering tasks and services, referred to as ‘gigs’ beginning at a cost of $5 per job performed, from which it gets its name.


What can you get for $5? You might be surprised. I’ve ordered everything from logos to voice-overs to web banners, book covers and more. I’ve used Fiverr probably about three or four dozen times already and even have a gig underway now as I write this.


My description of Fiverr?  A headache saver!  I can remember several times scratching my head wondering where I’m going to get certain work on a short time frame (and hopefully cheap) before discovering this resource.  Suffice to say that I’m now a fan.  Every “Gig” I’m recommending below is one that I’ve used myself.  You are probably looking at the fruit of a couple of them on this very page knowing me.  Like I said.  I’m a fan.


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I don’t want to make this blog post too long.  I want you to keep it handy as a resource.  Save these.  Check them out.  Try a few yourself.  Here are some of my current recommendations:


1. eBook Covers: I’ve actually used this gig about a dozen times.  I hope to use it another dozen.  They’ve got some cool extras, too, basically allowing you to make all of your presentations look a little snazzier.


2. Social Media Banners/Headers: I think it’s well worth your time to “slicken” up your image by spending a few bucks on your presentation.  I had this guy design a header and fit it for my blog, my Google+ page, my Facebook page and my Twitter page all with the same design scheme.  Cost me $10.


3. Podcast Intro: These next two concern adding a better façade to your podcast – something I’m working on right now as I prepare my own launch.  I am very pleased with this gig and may go back and add some special music of my own to it to go along with…


4. Podcast Banner/Button Design: If you plan on listing your podcast virtually anywhere like iTunes, Libsyn or elsewhere, you will need a banner.  Check with your podcast host for the size you need and then tell your provider when you order.  Always go larger than you need, if you’re in doubt.  You can always shrink it, but expanding one that’s already done can cause your image to pixelate and look grainy.


5. Logo Design: There are tons of logo design gigs on the site, but in sticking with my theme of only recommending those I’ve used, I offer you…  Usually when you order a logo, you want a fast response and a logo that far surpasses what you could do on your own.  You also want the availability of various extras and delivery formats.  These folks fit the bill nicely.


6. Business Card Design: My business cards look AWESOME!!! I should come back and post them.  Perhaps I will.   Long story short, all you do is use a Gig list this to get them designed and then send them off to VistaPrint or other printer for fast turnaround.  I promise they’ll come out pretty slick.


7. CD Case Cover: Similar to with ebooks, if you’re going to sell audio materials, it helps to give people an indication with a picture.  Pretty pictures always sell.  Pretty pictures certainly don’t hurt.  This gig is from the same provider who regularly does ebooks for me.  This is a different engagement, however.  Check it out here:


8. 30 to 60 Second Commercial or Voice-over: Another voice-over gig, but perhaps more optimized for longer formats.  Very high production qualities with this one.


A few other thoughts… You can also have articles written for you, get help setting up and optimizing your WordPress blog and much more.  Join the site and surf around.  There are some crazy things people will do for an Abe Lincoln that could help you out in more money, lower costs and a lot fewer headaches.


Still hesitant?  Think about it this way.  If the work is good, it was only $5. If the work is bad, it was only $5. You can get some shockingly good work done with some of the extras the Sellers offer. If you’re stuck on something small or large, it pays to check to see if someone can help.


A little real talk before I go.  Make sure YOU check your spelling and details.  A lot of times your designer will not be someone who speaks English as a first language and THEY WILL NOT be able to catch small mistakes.  It’s easier to double-check your submission than to ask for modifications or refunds.  What you send (in terms of text and wording) will be what you get, so check YOUR OWN work.


Again, remember to bookmark this page and check back.  As I have positive experiences with other gigs, I will be sure to post them here.  To your success!


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