Live Big. Die Empty

is not just another book about goals.
If you are tired of setting goals and never achieving them because you have lost all hope that they are possible, start a life of living big and dying empty today.

Mark Anthony McCray understands the importance of goals. He also knows people get tired of hearing the same information about goals—how to set them, how to meet them, and on and on. It seems like speakers and writers all read the same books and attend the same seminars and write more books on the same subject.

That is why Live Big. Die Empty is not just another book about goals. It is not just about methods of setting goals and achieving them. It is about having goals and hope of achieving them. It is about serving God in such a big way that your life is emptied of things you don’t need, the things that hold you back from living big.

By reading Live Big. Die Empty and journaling you answers to the exercises, you will gain:


  • ✅ Encouragement to hope and to dream
  • ✅ Inspiration to go for your goals
  • ✅ Structure for all your dreams, hopes and goals
  • ✅ Methods for taking action

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