How much television are you watching?  Americans are spending an average of thirty-four hours a week watching television.  Hours and hours of television watching is costing you money.  Bet on it!  Saw this from Pamela Lawhorne and thought it was profound:

  • If you watch more TV than you read books… it’s costing you money…
  • If you gossip more than you attend webinars or seminars.. it’s costing you money…
  • If you complain more than you put your hands to work doing what you claim you want to do… it’s costing you money…
  • If you’ve been praying for change, but find yourself watching TV while you’re waiting for God to tell you and show you the way… you’re missing His guidance…
  • If you’ve been praying for more money, but refuse to do anything about it.. then you’re losing money due to your own neglect….
  • Take a 2nd look at how much you’re losing watching TV, and rethink what you “can’t afford” again!

There are 2080 work hours in a year for most US workers.  You can figure that you’re costing yourself anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars per week while feeding your TV habit depending upon your income or potential income.  Here’s the punchline: Read instead!!  Wondering what to read or where to start?  Try this list!

I am a fan of audio books and programs.  I like to listen as I work, travel and even exercise.  Maybe try it for yourself.  One thing is probable… television could be killing your vision and your future.  Can you turn it off if it means the fulfillment of your purpose?  Sure you can!

My friend, Troy Nalls, says you shouldn’t watch television until you can buy a station.  I probably won’t go there, but I can do better, too!

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