This has to be every influencer’s fear. You talk but nobody’s listening. You’ve got wisdom to share but nobody cares.  You KNOW you’ve got the goods but can’t even seem to give them away!!

The question for some of you is how do you break through this barrier in a way that makes a difference and DOESN’T make you feel like you’re pouting, stomping around or crying out for attention?  It’s very simple really: transparency.

(Maybe I should have added a drum roll for more dramatic impact?)

If you can inject more transparency into what you do and say, you will find people flocking to hear more from you.  They won’t be able to stop themselves because people (all of us) are hungry for something real these days.  People are tired of the fluffy, superman-like stories from those who act like they came out of the womb running.  Enough!

Be real with people.  Then be raw.  Then get naked.  The more you uncover the more people will be attracted to your message.  A bunch of leaders who are courageous enough to be 100% authentic can truly change the world!

In the spirit of this post, I will admit that I am working on this in myself.  If this message resonates with you, you aren’t alone.  Let’s do this thing together! For starters, maybe join me on Instagram?  It’s pretty unfiltered.  And welcome!

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