“If you cannot save money, the seeds of greatness are not in you.” – W. Clement Stone



Bottom line is that if you are reading this, I want you to start walking in a new level of financial freedom.  Period.   I want you to be stable.  I want you to prosper.  I want life to open up for you in ways it may never have before (or in a long time).  One things that pains me is seeing so many struggle financially living paycheck to paycheck.  Or worse.  Worse being that each check is gone long before it’s even received.  Worse being not knowing where your rent is coming from next month while already behind this month.  Worse being not being able to sleep because you’re stressed wondering whether the electricity will be on tomorrow.


I’ve been there.  I really have.  I’ve slept in the cold in my own home.  I’ve taken cold showers in the dark because I had to choose between paying the utilities or eating.  Not a great feeling.  Aside from God comforting you and encouraging you, it can be demoralizing.  Even so, it is sometimes.


But I thank God that He showed me a few ways to create turnaround in my own life and has released me to share some things with you!  My aim over the next few posts is to share some financial keys with you and help you move from wherever you are to another level.  Even if you don’t have a dollar in your pocket, start here!




Here is a ‪#‎money‬ “game” you can play with me to start building this new discipline.  If you have been having trouble gaining control of your finances, pay attention. It’s simple…


1. Save or print the above graphic.  I have found that printing it out helps a lot.  I am visual sometimes.
2. Get a jar.  Any jar.  A bowl.  An envelope.  Start with something that allows you to SEE your progress.  Here is a picture of mine!

Money Jar
3. Take out a dollar and put it in the jar.  Don’t think too hard.  Just find a dollar.
4. Post a pic of your jar and the graphic either here on on your Wall. Tell me on this page or somebody important to you what is your reason for saving.  Several others have already joined this challenge through my Live BIG! Die Empty page and sent me pictures of their jars.  You can do this, too!
5. Next week put two dollars in the jar.
6. The week after put three dollars in the jar.
7. IMPORTANT! Don’t worry about Week Forty Two and all that. Just keep going. If you can’t see how can can set aside an extra fifty dollars in Week 50 in your budget, GOOD NEWS! It’s not Week 50. Keep working and praying for an answer.
8. I’ve done this twice before. This is my third time. It can drive you to change so many things in great ways.  Thinking ahead to how you need to change your life to save more money and/or increase your income is expanding your thinking.  This is the whole point!
9. The magic starts around week twenty or so when you start to see your progress.
10. The real key is to resolve to yourself that whatever goes into the jar does not come out!


I have decided to use my funds to help move my foundation forward.  What would you do with an extra thousand dollars? Where would you sow it? What small sacrifices can you make to get there?  Even if you have already made a commitment to saving more, I’m challenging you again.  You can start now.  There is no reason you can’t set aside a few dollars to catch up and then keep going!


All of this is aside from my other savings for my 401K, Financial Freedom Account (FFA) and Rainy Day fund.  We will talk about those concepts another time.  (If you want a head start, I HIGHLY recommend getting “Master the Money Game” by the Great Tony Robbins.  It is work every single nickel you’ll invest!  It is within your power to take more control over your financial story… no matter where you are starting or where you are. I hope you’ll embrace this truth if you haven’t!  This book will help you whether you’re at the beginning of that journey or far down the road.)


Another thing I do is gather my loose change at the end of every day and throw it into the same big jar. I am more committed than ever to make sure more money stays in my life!  Trust me.  It adds up.  I’ll end up with almost a couple thousand in the jar by the end.  I’ll be you have more money coming through your hands than you think you do, as well.  Again, the most important thing is making sure that some of what you earn stays in your life.  It changes everything.


Another tip is to write on an envelope, on your jar or on the back of your printout your “BIG WHY” you are saving to keep your motivation fueled. Remind yourself of your “why” every week as you put more money away. Is your “why” a vacation? A college course? A real estate investment? Why not start here by being more intentional in a small way?


I know this is a long post.  I will end it now with this encouragement.  We can all do this. W. Clement Stone said “If you cannot save money, the seeds of greatness are not in you.” I have faith in us! Let’s do this!


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To your prosperity!


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