Completely Random Things About Me

I saw this idea on a colleague’s site and thought it would be a nice way to tell you a few things about me that rarely get said. All in the spirit of fun and transparency, right?  Okay… here we go!

1. I do not eat pork or catfish.  Being that I’ve lived my life in Texas, that has meant a lot of hungry moments at church and family get-togethers.

2. My secret life bucket list goal is to successfully write and sell a sitcom script.  Are you listening, Reginald Hudlin?  Barry Katz?

3. I’m a pretty big fan of animated DC comics.  (That may be an understatement!)  I’m not quite a ComicCon level fan, but I don’t miss any of their animated features either.  My favorite characters are the non-Batman members of the Bat Family such as Nightwing, Red Robin and Batwing – I realize most people have never heard of any of those.

4. When I’m in the mood to turn my brain off, I will always reach for a stand-up comedy DVD or recording first.  These guys and gals are fearless, funny and my heroes of sorts.

5. I’m a pretty good cook.  I briefly worked as a short order cook in a diner while in college and a lot of it stayed with me.

6. My music is Hip Hop.  My Top Artists in my playlist are Chuck D, De La Soul and Talib Kweli.  When I’m not listening to Hip Hop, I can listen to Latin Jazz all day long and not get tired of it.  I think Chan Chan may be the best song ever recorded.

7. Yo hablo Español.  At least I used to very well.  I need more practice.  Sadly, I haven’t been called on to speak much in the last couple of years.

8. Cool Hand Luke is my favorite movie.  I usually try to avoid it because if I walk into the room and it’s on or I surf the guide and see it, I’ll be tempted to watch it all the way through the end.

9. I’m a big time college football fan.  Take the biggest fan you can think of and double that passion and you’re close to my level.  My team? The Texas Longhorns, of course!  Who else but THE University of Texas?  I bleed burnt orange for life!

10. I have not been sky diving YET, but it’s on my list.  I think I’ll aim at doing it before my next birthday.  Have you ever gone?

11. I love being a husband and a dad and it’s easier when you have the best wife in the world!

BONUS: I’m kind of a history buff (as if my nerd factor isn’t high enough already) and Hannibal Barca of Carthage is one of my favorite historical figures.  I hope to see a really big budget biopic on him one day.

BONUS BONUS: I want to go to Iceland.


E-mail me or post and share something about YOU that most people would never know unless you revealed it!