Want a ‪#‎GreatLife‬? Speak graciously.

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Death and life are in the power of the tongue.

Your tongue guides your life. Your tongue can bring healing or cause destruction. Be care+full about everything that you utter. Speak your hopes and never your fears.

How do you talk to YOURSELF? Did you know that what YOU say about YOU is more important to how your life goes than even what God says about you? What others say about you is important, but YOUR words echo in your mind almost twenty-four hours a day.

Here are some of the things I’ve made a new habit of saying to myself about myself every single day. Maybe you can come up with some affirmations and declarations for yourself, too? Pick something(s) from this list above that resonates with YOUR soul and start to declare it/them over yourself!


  • Today I begin a new life.
  • I am a millionaire and a wealth distributor.
  • God can trust me with money because I am honorable and accountable financially and an excellent money manager.
  • Everything that I do prospers.
  • I am a lender and not a borrower.
  • I am successful in ministry and business.
  • I live where I want to live, I drive what I want to drive and I travel where I want to travel.
  • I leave an inheritance for my children. Even my grandchildren are financially set because of me.
  • My wife is satisfied and worry-free.
  • I tithe faithfully, give generously and I fund Kingdom priorities with no problems.
  • I fund needs in my city, state, country and abroad.
  • I lack no good thing. Because I am a Sower I am also a reaper. I am a blessed man.
  • I am never broke. I work diligently and I put my money to work for me, as well.
  • I am favored by God and walk in the abundant overflow of Christ daily!
  • I do not serve money; money serves me.
  • I am a good and faithful priest, prophet, king, leader, brother, son, employee, husband and father.
  • I greet this day with love and gratitude in my heart.
  • I persist until I succeed.
  • I live each day as if it is my last.
  • I master my emotions.
  • I laugh at life.
  • I multiply my value and my service.
  • I act now.
  • I pray for guidance.
  • I am a vessel of honor.
  • I am anointed by God’s Spirit.
  • I am committed to constantly learning and growing.
  • I have a millionaire mind!
  • I am healthy, fit and have good eating and exercise habits.
  • I am a complete and new creation in Christ made in God’s image.
  • I set and accomplish important goals.
  • I am visionary and resourceful.
  • I am diligent.
  • I am disciplined.
  • I increase. Those who associate with me increase.
  • I dream big and act boldly!
  • I guard the door of my mouth and never speak against God’s favor at work in my life.
  • I do not allow any corrupt communication to proceed out of my mouth. I speak only that which is good, full of grace and edifying to myself and others (Ephesians 4:29).
  • I associate with those who are blessed and highly favored so that I may increase in every area of my life.
  • I prosper in every area of my life – spiritually, physically, financially, socially and mentally.


Remember: Pick something(s) from this list above that resonates with YOUR soul and start to declare it/them over yourself!

To your prosperity!


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