Without a doubt, the top questions I get in my Inboxes have to do with money, budgeting, financial management, making more money and generally doing better with money, credit and personal finances. People want to do better and have less stress around money. I love it. That’s my passion. Personally, I got turned on to doing better with my money by necessity first – as a man I had to do a better job of caring for my family.  My second motivation is that I wanted to be able to say “yes” in life more often.  More yes; less no.

1. Pay God first. I believe in the power of tithing and giving. It not only pays great returns but keeps you in the right mindset. I know this is controversial to many people but I know it’s worked for me and it’s something I’ve always taught my children. I want them to have a better start that I had.

2. Pay yourself second. (Make sure a portion of all you earn stays in your life.) Even if you’re just saving change in a jar at the end of the day, develop the habit of keeping something of what you earn in your life. Here’s a great savings game I’ve shared with others and played myself to help me build up my SAVING muscle! CLICK HERE!!

3. Then pay everyone else. Negotiate settlements and make arrangements if you have to. Communicate. Avoidance never helps.  If you need help with this, Herb Cohen has written one of the best books on negotiating that I’ve ever found.

4. Every dollar must have an assignment. This is a plan. Some call it a budget. Make sure you keep your money on assignment. (Play is an assignment, too. Plan for it.)

5. Sow. Being generous pays. Always!

6. Develop the habit of always trying to negotiate a better deal. All the time! The price isn’t always the price. You’ll find that you don’t need as much money if half of what you’re buying costs less!

7. Always keep a little cash on hand. Zig Ziglar said the habit of keeping $100 in his pocket at all times really transformed his mindset. I know successful people who keep more on them than that.

8. Don’t sleep so late and turn off the TV. Nobody has ever gotten ahead watching TV and counting zzzzz’s.

9. Stop allowing banks to take your money through fees. Never overdraft your account. Stop using ATMs.

10. Simplify and delay gratification. No impulse purchases. Stop it. Always wait at least a month for major purchases. A week for smaller ones. Do you really need it? Do you really need it now? If you don’t have it, you may not need it. This is related to the concept of saving. It’s not that we should plan to live lives “without” but that many of the things we want can be saved for and purchased later, cheaper and sometimes not at all after we’ve reflected on them a bit.

11. Earn more money. Do what you must to add a little extra income to your life. Ask for a raise. Add a part-time hustle. While saving is good, it is only a start and there are real limits to what you can save once you get down to the basics.

12. Cash-Only might work for you. Some people elect to go to a cash-only basis for a while until they regain control of their finances. If you are out of control with your spending, consider the Envelope Method as taught by Dave Ramsey and others.

13. Get help. I’ve actually developed some training to help you with your credit and a couple of audio programs to talk you through some practical tips you can use to start turning around your finances and credit right away! Check out “10 Winning Strategies” and “The Ultimate Credit Repair Manual” using THIS LINK right now. Also, here’s a secured card that I personally used to help rebuild my credit. Sharing because I’ve used it myself and know it will work for you if you follow the tips in my “10 Winning Strategies” and other material.

To your prosperity!

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