Are you ready?!

Who am I, Mark Anthony McCray, and why do I keep telling people about “Live BIG! Die Empty” all the time?

I am a regular guy with a lot of passion born from pain and promise. Some would consider me to have been a successful person, but I always knew that there was much more inside me than my outside world reflected. I never compared myself to others, but to the man that I knew I could be…that I was SUPPOSED to be. I got tired of not being that person who God created me to be. Sick and tired. Crying tears tired. I know a number of you have been there, too.

In my life I have launched several businesses, worked in full-time ministry, participated in a number of charitable and volunteer activities, served on advisory boards and political committees and more. I’ve never been one to slide through life hiding in a corner. That’s just not me. But I knew I wasn’t “successful” in the way I knew I wanted to be. Not only was I not enjoying life and getting the most out of it, but I certainly wasn’t living abundantly. Jesus said that He came that we would have life more abundantly. I wasn’t experiencing that kind of life and obviously didn’t have a clue as to how to get it.

I started seeking God for answers to these questions:
How can a person be truly successful?
What is success?
How can I live a big life instead of the small life in which I felt stuck?
How can I bring to pass all the visions and dreams that I felt like the Lord had trapped in my heart?
How can I live big and die empty?

I’ve got some of the answers for myself now. Now my task is to help you find your answers, too, even as I continue my own pursuit of wisdom.